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Awareness - in conversation with my thoughts - what was it again?

You probably recognize those off days where you're overtaken by a sense of confusion and just being in a gloomy mood. The feeling that you are already doing so many different things and perhaps somewehere deep down you know it, but you just can't bring yourself to make a choice, to change something, to get motivated again.

There are just too many things happening all at once and your negative thoughts are in control. Perhaps you recognize a cynical, pessimistic thought 'why is this always happening to me' or 'no matter what I try it just doesn't seem to work'. Know that these are thoughts that we as humans are prone to have from time to time. Being highly sensitive or having A(d)hd you probably experience this more often. Everyday situations at work can already overstimulate you; the amount of thoughts can suffocate you as you get bogged down in the details of a story. Basically you converse with these thoughts, not realizing that these are just thoughts and that certain thoughts have a certain function (to keep you comfortable and safe for instance). Yet in that moment you believe that thought to be the truth.

This is called being hooked or fused with your thoughts and in that moment it's hard to take a step back.

Once you recognize that these are just thoughts and that you as the thinker have the ability to be aware of them and don''t have to identify with them, you can look at the situation with a different perspective and make a different choice. Your awareness creates a space between you (and the stream of thoughts).

It's a moment of new beginnings where you can see the present moment with a fresh new look - as if you are starting over again, taking it step by step and letting those thoughts come and go. You can send your thoughts loving attention, as you become aware of your mind and physical sensations with curiosity and compassion.

Just like with everything in life, awareness takes practice. The more you do it will come naturally and the more you'll be able to feel like you're balanced and in mindful 'control'. These are the core principles of mindfulness and acceptance commitment therapy, which you may already know, but wisdom that can be lost in the daily grind. Know that you can start again at any time :).

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