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Hi! I'm Iris

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Coaching & Counselling

I’m Iris (1987) and as a qualified Life & Health coach (ICF), Hormonal coach, Mindfulness (MBCT/MBSR) & ACT trainer.


I help people like you heal what needs attention and love and overcome what is keeping you from getting what you want.

The Beginning

During my bachelors in Social pedagogical counseling aid, I became interested in personal development, meditation, spirituality, philosophy and finding meaning. Not only did it gave me more answers to existential questions, but it also helped me deal with stress, concentration issues, low self esteem and being highly sensitive.

I had an epiphany in how all of my new found wisdom and skills could help a lot of people who were suffering.


Throughout my career I've worked with children, young adults and elderly in both psychiatric and social aid service settings. By mentoring students to reflect on their life experience, I have gained experience by guiding them in their recovery process. 

I continued my studies and completed the Mindfulness Based Cognitive Theory (MBCT), Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) course. A few years ago I went overseas for a few years to work at a school for peace & conflict resolution and also gave mindfulness and yoga training to students. I gained experience as a coach in a holistic coach for women and realised how important the whole mental connection was to the physical. I identified and overcome my own personal hormonal issues and decided to gain more knowledge so I could better help others on their journey.

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Let’s Get in Touch

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