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Welcome :)

At Innerwaze I offer holistic programs that help you heal and break with unhealthy patterns related to your Mind & Health in general. You'll gain insights, tools and clarity as you embark on a journey of self-discovery and inner growth.


Are you ready to overcome the obstacles that hinder you from personal growth, loving yourself, developing healthy habits and finding purpose?

Innerwaze promotes a holistic & purposeful  approach to life through coaching, counselling, meditation, guidance and support as you heal and learn strategies to 'navigate' your mind and body.


Hi! I am Iris

Home Page
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Ever since I can remember I felt compassion for others that were struggling and suffering and so I decided to develop myself as a professional in a field where I’m able to help others.


Throughout my personal journey I've dealt with different challenges and life events that made me eager to look for ways to cope with my thoughts and emotions. 

Through trial and error I came to realise what works and what doesn't and eventually found a middle path. That is why I lik to combine knowledge and insights in establishing resources for your emotional balance and overall well being.


Besides being there for you to listen to your story, my mission is for you to feel empowered, so you can feel confident and thrive, regardless of the outside circumstances.

Innerwaze - 6 Elements

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There are the 6 foundational elements that I make use of in my coaching programs. Each element can become an area of focus depending on your needs/desires, so this is optional. I offer health, life and mindfulness coaching programs as well as a combination of these.

What is included in the health program?

This program helps you focus on improving your overall health (specializing in hormonal health) and the relationship between Food and Mind. I combine therory with practice, so you'll learn new coping methods to overcome obstacles, besides I’ll be your accountability buddy on your journey towards accomplishing your results.

What is included in the mind program?

This program is focused more towards your mental well being. I help you establish a healthy relationship with yourself and your relationship with others, so you can cope with life’s challenges and the thoughts and emotions that come along. 

Mind Program

Movement & Yoga.png

The aim here is to create balance/harmony between your body and mind. Learn how to embrace movement as part of life by listening to your body.

Hormonal Balance.png

When the focus of your program is on health, we’ll assess if hormonal issues are at play and construct the program to help reduce unwanted symptoms, so you can become your healthiest self.

Self Care & Self Love.png

Oftentimes we don’t really know what we are searching for in a relationship or what it is that we need in love.


We’ll be investing time and attention in discovering what it is that you really want and deserve in (self) love, how you can set healthy boundaries and how you can create lasting habits in this area.

Health Program

ACT Coaching.png

The principles of ACT are a proven method used in therapy and one of the main components.


Learn new ways to overcome obstacles, develop new healthy mindsets and skills, so you’ll feel more confident and can realize your full potential.


Learn how to de-stress your mind, find calm, peace of mind and get insights about yourself.


Declutter your mind so you can make clearer and better decisions.

Finding Meaning.png

This provides you an additional layer where you’ll uncover/find the meaning behind your experiences, how you can heal your mind and at the same time turn pain into purpose and vulnerabilities into strengths.

Get in touch

If you’re not sure what it is that you’re looking for or you’d like to know more about the sessions and programs that I offer you can book a discovery call! In this taster session we’ll explore your current situation and desired outcome and you’ll find out how you can get from A to B. Looking forward to meeting you!

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Conscious Buddy - Ebook

Would you like to go on a 7 week self healing/personal development journey? Download the Conscious Buddy Ebook!

With the ebook, you also get a journal to help you cope better with symptoms like stress, anxiety, poor concentration, low self esteem, rumination and symptoms that come along with being highly sensitive.

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